You want to use our fonts on the web? Here is all you need to know …

All fonts you can directly license in our webshop are regular “desktop fonts”, usually in the PostScript-flavoured OpenType format (OTF). You are not allowed to use them directly for websites or to convert the fonts to webfont formats such as WOFF or EOT. But of course there is a way to use our fonts on the web. In fact, was one of the first type foundries who promoted the idea of commercial webfont licensing since 2008, when browsers started to adopt this technique again. With Graublau Sans Web we even released one of the first professionel fonts directly made for webfont use.

So where do I get webfont licenses for fonts from

The ability to embed fonts in websites is still new and things change quickly. With every new browser version, there might be new problems or new possibilities. That’s why we teamed up with professional partners who provide a technical infrastructure that can adapt to all these changes. There are basically two ways how commercial webfonts are licensed today and we offer you the choice to use the one that suits your project the most:

  • Webfonts for Self-Hosting via MyFonts:
    You can get webfont licenses for self-hosting at MyFonts. Please follow this link.
    The webfont license is set up as a one-time payment and it is based on the expected page-views per month. For a regular site, the price of the webfont license equals the price of the desktop font.
    The webfonts are generated on-the-fly when you download them. At any time you can go back to the MyFonts order history and re-download your webfont package. There is even a Webfont Kit Builder, which allows you to fine-tune your webfont set. This includes customized subsetting, style-linking and OpenType feature control. For more information, check out the webfonts page at MyFonts.

  • Webfonts as a web service via Fontdeck:
    If you do not want to deal with maintaining your self-hosted webfonts, you can also rent our fonts as webfonts via Fontdeck. Please follow this link.
    Integrating these webfonts in your website is very easy and you don’t need to worry about browser compatibility or similar issues.
    The prices start at $9,99 per style per year and is also dependent on the traffic per month. For more information, check out the about section on

  • Webfonts as a web service via Typekit:
    Typekit is the well-known webfont service from Adobe and you can use a selection of our fonts with Typekit as well. In contrast to Fontdeck, with Typekit you do not rent specific font styles, but an entire font library. This gives great flexibility when using webfonts. At any time you can switch to a different font. You can see the available fonts from on Typekit here:
    Pricing starts at $24.99 per year. Some of our fonts are also available in the free Trial Library. For a full access to all of our fonts, you need access to the Full Library starting at $49,99 per year. See