A logotype is the main element in every corporate design and corporate communication. Most logotypes are based on existing typefaces. These can be fancy display fonts which tend to become old-fashioned very quickly. On the other hand there are text typefaces that are optimized for small sized and don't have the unique appearance a logotype needs.

Logotypia Pro is maybe the first font that is made for one purpose only: the design of modern logotypes, brands and headlines.

Logotypia Pro offers alternate characters to make your logotype even more unique. The horizontal strokes on the baseline and cap height are drawn in a way, so you can easily create ligatures on the fly. And there are even special “connection glyphs”, which you can put between characters to connect them without decreasing the character spacing.

Logotypia Pro cover the typical Western Latin 1 codepage and the Russian codepage ISO 8859-5.

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